Friday, December 21, 2007

Abstract Landscape Art

Abstract landscape art is a form of abstarct art which deals with various landscapes. It mainly involves landscapes like trees, mountains, or different kinds of natural sceneries. This also includes seascapes and weather as two other significant categories that have got developed.

In modern times, the availability of more number of landscape abstract art software helps the developers to make exquisite art forms. Real Landscaping Pro is a software program, which is used to develop various landscape portrayals in a much easier manner. It includes visualizing landscape ideas, professional presentation tools, landscapes with slopes and hills, usage of wizards which make the designing much simpler, digital importing photographs to the art, custom models that can be imported, and huge variety and selection of plants and trees. These factors are used to develop a more attractive landscape art form.

In general, landscape abstract art ranges from a minimum of $800 for an art which has an excellent finishing work. It also exceeds up to $2,000 or even more than that for some of the best pieces with an incredible expressiveness and finishing work. Landscape art has developed with variations in its size, which also influence the price range. The painting has been categorized into three types, such as up to 50 cm, from 50 cm to 100 cm, and exceeding more than 100 cm. According to the size range, the price range also differs from each landscape art design.

Most of the landscape art designs are developed with the use of muslins and oil paintings, which give more attraction and realism to the art. Oil paintings used on canvas can cost you around $20 for a simple selection of the landscape art design. Landscape abstract art is available in many categories. Landscape art that has developed in different stages by different artists are hugely sold for the art lovers. Landscape art developed before 2000, the landscape art created between 2000 and 2005, and very old masterpieces of many famous artists are the common categories one can see before buying.

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By: Damian Sofsian

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Graphic Design Course Requirements

In order to participate in a graphic designer course there are certain requirements that a person will need to meet. So before a person can actually look for a course they first need to understand what graphic design course requirements they will need to have. In this article we will take a look at the various requirements people who wish to study and earn a certificate or degree in Graphic Design will need to meet.

For entry onto a graphic design course many Universities, Colleges as well as online courses require their students to show a commitment to learning about all aspects of art and design. It is best if a student has obtained an advance understanding of everything to do with art and design which they would have to learn both through theory and practice.

But for all students whether do a basic graphic designer course or one which will lead to them obtaining a degree they need to be able to sustain high levels of research for an MA. Plus they need a mind that is not only imaginative but is open and willing to accept new ideas.

The basics of any graphic design course is to help its students to learn and understand the importance of planning and then executing any designs that they have. These designs are then used to communicate a message according to the particular wants and needs of their client.

However when looking at graphic design courses it is important that you do not get this muddled up with graphic art ones. Graphic art courses generally teach the students about the technical side of graphic matter s relating to printing or electronic pre press. Rather than actually teaching the students the things you need in order to produce a design and then execute that design.

Through out the course as part of any graphic design course requirements the students will need to learn not only technological skills, but also conceptual and formal ones as well. Parts of their course work will cover foundation art matters such as drawing, colour and how to use 3D. Whilst in other parts of the course they will learn about the history of graphic design along with some elective subjects as well.

If you are someone who is able to meet al or most of the graphic design requirements that we have mentioned above you can then start to look at the various courses that Universities and online centers have available. But be prepared if you want to obtain a professional degree in graphic design you will need to allow 4 years in order to do so.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Digital Art Galleries

Digital art is a new breed of fine art. Digital artists have forged new ways to express their creativity with their computer-aided tools. Digital art galleries exhibit of artwork created with the help of computers.

There are a number of categories available in digital art such as computer-drawn art, digital painting, enhanced photography, digital photo painting, 2D and 3D digital art, techno, and algorithmic art. In addition to artwork, digital art galleries usually provide a wide selection of digital art CDs, books, periodicals, and journals.

The availability of photograph-manipulation software has increased the popularity of digital art. Mainly, there are two types of artwork: 2D and 3D graphics. The collections in digital art galleries generally include specially designed 2D and 3D graphics, motifs, drawings, digital photos, animated artworks, and specially taken photos. Digital paintings, prints, digital imaging, and mixed-media works are the other items commonly found in digital art galleries. You can view different versions of the same photos. For the creation of these different types artwork, image-editing software, various scanners, and desktop printers are used.

Digital art galleries mostly come online. They allow individuals to post their own artwork in different categories. Many online digital art galleries provide for sharing and learning art experience. Some of them offer low-cost education for individuals who are interested in learning digital art and design software. Digital art galleries also conduct exhibitions and competitions.

As the commercial illustration industry is growing with digital art technology, digital art galleries have become very popular all over the world. They assist artists and graphic designers in expressing their creativity in a short film, art piece, or photograph.

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By: Richard Romando

Monday, December 17, 2007

Graphic Design Schools Teach Digital Design

Digital design has become one of the most popular career choices, and graphic design schools can give you the skills and technological expertise you need to be a professional graphic designer. Graphic design training will show you how to use the latest design software to create visual effects for movies, websites, video games, and other visual media. Your graphic design course will most likely cover digital art production, digital publishing, website design, interactive media design, 2D and 3D computer graphics, DVD authoring, vector graphics, animation, image processing, and much more.

The various graphic design schools are housed in vocational schools, community colleges, and two- and four-year institutions. College degrees in graphic design can include the Associate of Arts in Visual Communication; the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Graphics, and Multimedia; or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication. An associate degree would be sufficient for most technical positions; however a bachelor's degree is often required for the more advanced, specialized positions.

Well-trained graphic designers will easily find employment in the fields of art and design. Jobs are available in printing and related support activities; book, newspaper, periodical, and directory publishing; specialized design services; or advertising and related services. Graphic designers are often utilized in the area of engineering services, or for scientific, management, or technical consulting firms. Graphic designers commonly develop computer graphics for websites, computer systems design firms, and motion picture production firms.

The best news is that graphic designers are needed across the board when it comes to creating compelling visual designs. The employment outlook is excellent, and those with even a modicum of talent can have great success in today's burgeoning field of graphic design.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Art Prints

Art prints are reproductions of an original work of art like paintings made by a photomechanical process. Art prints capture the rich and vibrant colors of original artwork. Unlike posters, art prints are made using special heavier print stock that is mainly intended for prints.

Compared to posters, art prints are highly durable. A high-quality art print can last for several years. Even though they are longer lasting than posters, they should be treated with special care to prevent fading and discoloration. Certain art prints can be washed with glass cleaner.

Most people think of art prints when they have to decorate a room or a new space. Art prints play a vital role in decorating your rooms. Selecting art prints is very important as they can change the look and feel of a room. Using a carefully selected art print, one can achieve the illusion of lengthening, broadening or heightening the room.

A well-chosen art print reflects the taste and style of the family that occupies the house. Art prints made in different art styles such as Asian, American masters, art deco, expressionism, folk art, gothic art, modern renaissance art, and vintage are perfect to complement one’s room decor. In addition to decorating rooms, art prints are a good gifting option. For instance, bird art prints are ideal gifts for nature lovers.

In the early days before the internet became a marketplace, art prints were available only through galleries or museum shops. Today, art prints can be shopped online at a reasonable price. Art prints available online are categorized by artists, subject, colors, and art styles. Gift certificates for art prints are also available.

Most of the websites offer a wide range of online catalog of art prints of famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne, Leroy Neiman, Rene Magritte, and Jack Vettriano. Art prints based on different subjects like American life, animals, architecture, fantasy, humor, landscape, spirituality and religion, music, and world culture are available as well.

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By: Kent Pinkerton

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Digital Art Schools

Students who want to pursue careers in digital design now have more opportunities to formally train and graduate with actual degrees, thanks to the emergence of digital art schools. A student will can learn all about print and web digital designs through guided curriculums. However, before you enroll in a digital art school, it is wise to do your research first, so that you’ll know what to expect. Read on for some pointers.

Skills you’ll learn in a digital art schools

Expect to learn almost all digital design techniques in a digital art school. During your first months, you may be taught fundamentals covering basic art and computer concepts such as color theory. You will also be taught digital composition, layout and typography, graphic design and drawing board skills.

Expect to be taught more specialized techniques as your progress. Over and above the primary digital art skills you will learn in your first years, detailed techniques in specific software will also be taught. These detailed techniques cover the basic and the latest illustration software, advanced desktop publishing, etc. You will be taught all kinds of photo editing programs, creation of three-dimensional shape designs and offset printing.

Careers after digital art schools

Graduates of digital art schools are not confined to just creating artistic media used in print, computer demonstrations and the web. They also find employment in diverse creative fields like graphic designers. Some become production artists, assistant designers, assistant art directors, art directors, production coordinators for movies involving digital imagery and computer artists. Remember that the digital design industry is very fast paced and challenging. In order to survive, you must be knowledgeable of the latest digital design trends and technologies.

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By: Peter Emerson

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Free Clip Art Role In Your Graphic Design And Web Design

Clip art is basically pre-made images that can be used to design any media. Of course, you can also create your own images instead of using clip art as clip art is something everyone has access to. However, the advantage with clip art is that you don’t have to spend time creating images to place on the website. You just have to get these clip art software that are available on the internet.

Clip art is found under different categories; it is up to you to decide on the clip art that is best for your website and product. You of course, should choose, and use clip art that is associated with the product or service you offer on the website. There is no point of choosing clip art associated with stationery if your website is one about automobiles and their parts. Remember, the clip art is meant to create a little visual stimulation to your website, while help in communicating your ideas to your readers. With the use of the wrong clip art, the clip art may in fact prove to be disadvantageous and not advantageous to your website!

With a clip art, you can actually speak more than a million words can say. You can depict whatever message you want to propagate through your website by means of clip art. So sometimes, it proves to be much more beneficial using clip art than a few pages of content on the website! Moreover, with the inclusion of clip art in your web page and website, you can include some humor, emotion or irony in your message. There are some images in clip art that if used correctly, can relay some irony or humor in your message that could not be achieved through words.

Of course, the greatest advantage of using clip art in graphic design is that just about anyone can use it. There is no need of you being a graphic artist to design sharp images. All you have to know is how to use the computer and the internet wherein you can produce images that may surpass some images the best in graphic designing may create.

If you use too large a clip art, the page may take a longer time to download. This is why it is better to choose just the right amount of clip art for your website as this will produce just the right amount of humor, interest or irony in the minds of the people who visit your website.

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